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Sustainable development

The aim of DECATHLON is to make the pleasures and benefits of practicing sport durably accessible to as many people as possible. This is why DECATHLON is today committed to the eco-design of its products. Today, more than 400 eco-designed products are available in our stores and on our website. Understanding the challenges of the climate and the exhaustion of resources, the objective of the DECATHLON teams is that 100% of our products are designed using an eco-design approach. 

Eco design products

eco-design --- Expires on 10-02-2025.jpg

Which principles are designed to make our products eco friendly

eco-design-rich-content_dope-dyeing_mobile_india --- Expires on 08-04-2025.png
eco-design-rich-content_organic-cotton_mobile_india --- Expires on 08-04-2025.png
eco-design-rich-content_recycled-polyester_mobile_india --- Expires on 08-04-2025.png
eco-design-rich-content_recycled-rubber_mobile_india --- Expires on 08-04-2025.png
eco-design-rich-content_recycled-cotton_mobile_india --- Expires on 08-04-2025.png

Second life by Decathlon

Our goal is to give the second chance to more than 20% of our products 

Second Life --- Expires on 28-04-2025.png

Renewable electricity

100% of renewable electricity for Decathlon sites by 2026

L2L CO2 reduction

53% of boxes are being reused and we can reduce CO2 around 1.6 tons, 35 tons of CO2 saving from transportation, and 732 trees compensated in 2021

local-back --- Expires on 26-07-2025.jpg
protéger-environnement-decathlon-green-magasine --- Expires on 20-02-2023.jpg

Zero waste

to disposal. We reuse and recycling 100% of all waste in stores, warehouse, and production.

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