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Hello future Decathlonian!

We are one of the world’s largest sports retailers. 
At our company, we are deeply committed to sports and dedicated to providing our customers with authentic and exceptional service.
Our motto? "To sustainably make sports accessible to the many". 
Decathlon Thailand has 22 stores and offers various career opportunities in Supply & Logistics, Production, and Back Office Services with plans to expand further in the future.


If you have the following qualities, we encourage you to apply: 

- A passion for sports and a willingness to share it with others

- Dedication to providing exceptional service and going above and beyond for customers

- An open-minded and solution-focused approach to problem-solving

- A team player who enjoys collaboration and working with others

- Adaptability and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

- An entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for growing a business, whether small or large

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take action now and apply. Your future success may depend on it.;)!



Decathlon Thailand is an international company with 22 stores located across all regions. If you are a sports lover, have exceptional customer service skills, and possess an entrepreneurial mindset, we invite you to join our team and share your passion for sports with our customers.



A candidate passionate by sport, dynamic, who like challenges & develop a great team spirit. More than supply chain expert, you are firstly a leader in your own responsibility. You are motivated by a start-up project among an important international company.


In Thailand, we established our own production 30 years ago and have continued to grow our business every year. This presents a new challenge for you.







DECATHLON's finance team is an integral part of all business functions, including stores, production, logistics, real estate, and warehouses. Our team members specialize in accounting, management, control, treasury, legal, tax, and IT finance. They work closely with operational teams to optimize the group's performance. Join us now!!

As our business is growing rapidly, we are expanding our operations across all regions of Thailand. It is vital that we comply with all regulations and laws to ensure our business grows sustainably. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

DECATHLON IT is accelerating its digital transformation with the ambition of becoming THE digital platform for athletes and reaching the level of maturity of Digital Giants. This platform will allow users to access the entire world of sport in one click (products, services).

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