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We were keen to define each of the 4 values to explain what each of them means at Decathlon.
What is its meaning and what are the attitudes, the actions to which we are attached.
Everyone can better take ownership of them and check if it makes sense for them


It’s about being alive. It’s about being positive and full of energy.

I dare, I take initiative, I adapt and I change when necessary.

I love action.

I play to win and not simply to not lose.


It’s about being accountable, it’s about being the main player in your own life.

I say clearly what I am going to do, and I do what I say.

I measure regularly the value I create and I make sure that it grows.

When I make errors, I correct them quickly.

I ensure that all stakeholders benefit sustainably from my decisions.


It’s about doing things from the heart and being focused on others.

I’m a team player, I help out when needed.

I share with others anything that could be useful to them.

I consider all stakeholders as ‘friends’.

I take care of myself and of others.

We stand in solidarity.


It’s about being true to yourself, and towards others.

I have the courage to be myself.

I say things simply and I act with sincerity and with care towards others.

When I act, I consider the consequences on the planet’s natural resources.

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