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Satisfied customers is our business. Now Decathlon Thailand is continuing to grow and we are expanding our branches trying to reach all sport lovers in Thailand. If you love playing sports, love doing business, join us!



Our responsibility is your availability. We have our own warehouse and logistics here in Thailand which are growing every year and we are looking for new teammates who love playing sports and you will learn many things here and grow up together with us.

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In Thailand, we also have our own production which is estrablished in last 30 years ago we continue to grow our business every year. This might be the new challenge that you are looking for.


DECATHLON IT is accelerating its digital transformation with the ambition of becoming THE digital platform for athletes and reaching the level of maturity of Digital Giants. This platform will allow users to access the entire world of sport in one click (products, services).

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Brazil Office _ Employer Branding 2021 --- Expires on 31-12-2022 (2).jpg
Brazil Office _ Employer Branding 2021 --- Expires on 31-12-2022 (2).jpg


As our business is running so fast ,we become bigger and we are trying to expand our business in all the parts of Thailand. We need you ensure that we follow the regulations and law to make our business grow sustainably.


Finance is present in every DECATHLON playground - stores, production, logistics, real estate, warehouse- which accompanies the life of a product. As true business partners, our teammates embody the wealth of skills that make up finance. Accounting, management control, treasury, legal, tax, IT finance, as many areas as there are business possibilities! You will work as closely as possible to field issues to guarantee the performance of the group. Join us now!

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