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Live your passion

By joining Decathlon, you will quickly understand that everyone here shares the same passion as you: sport.

It's simple, you don't team up with colleagues but with teammates. Here, you share your passion for sport on a daily basis, with experts and beginners alike. And besides, we count on you to give birth to vocations.

Imagine: evolving in an environment of enthusiasts, where sport punctuates your days ... A REAL job where things move, things play, and where you don't have time to be bored.

This is it, can you see it? Perfect. We're waiting for you !


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A place for everyone

The most important diplomas with us are: the passion for sport, the passion for others and the passion for entrepreneurship… 
You will have understood it, it is obviously your personality that interests us, it is your desire, your commitment, your generosity, your sincerity, which will make the difference. 
Just like in a sports team, we are convinced: it is the diversity of our teammates, their differences, their complementarities that are our strengths and the basis of our DNA. 
As in sport, we love to throw young talents into the deep end by giving them the chance to have their first professional experience, but also to welcome more experienced talents, looking for a new life project… of a new club.
Finally, we believe in the strength of our local partnerships: associations, schools, sports clubs to build our local actions. 
If this speaks to you, then join us! There is certainly a place for you at Decat '!




We warn you, at Decathlon, you will not have time to be bored! You have talent, use it! And that's good because we like initiatives and we like to promote them even more.

Yes, we assume that every day is a new starting line. You have the right to try, to make mistakes and to try again. You will not score points every time but you will see that it is worth living. Here, we invent, we test, we work but always having fun!

You understand, we will push you to be a force of proposal. This is what will keep you and us going. Don't be afraid to dare, yes, you!


We trust you 

Here at Decathlon, everyone can have an impact on the business. It's pretty cool to say to yourself that no matter your place on the field or your job, your voice counts!

No time to get bored, here your missions evolve at the rate of your ambitions and your skills. You have talent, use it!

I promise, you will be well surrounded because you will be part of a collective! We will support you in your daily challenges. This is also the Decathlon spirit: the assurance of great solidarity!


Create your adventure!

As in the choice of your sport, you will find a job made for you with us. We have more than 300 jobs, so you might as well tell you that there is something to have fun with! Do you prefer: R&D, conception, design, IT, production, logistics or sales? Don't panic, we'll never put a label on you ...

At Decathlon, we think about initiatives, personalization and evolution. Whatever your personality and if you give yourself the means, you will always have the possibility of changing profession or mission without changing company. A great opportunity to help you find the job that suits you 100%.

With us, you will be part of a real team that stretches across the globe. Yes, Decathlon is a company present in 64 countries. There are more than 105,000 passionate teammates around the world: that makes for great encounters!

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